Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Skirt Love ♥

Hey dolly's <3
I have the beautiful Skirt from Civa ♥
Here the Picture's, from me ,with the skirt *___*

 With my Lolita Love Meggy *o*
 Bella my Darling *_*

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Skirt ♥

hey my dollys x3
i start my fashion blog ♪
yeey ;D and here is my first entry. ♥

..i am so persuaded my mum that I am still this beautiful can buy repilca skirt by Civa .. It seems that it works well. As she had said today. Tomorrow I'll tell thee more modestly. And she grinned while :) It would be really beautiful. And two blouses I also got one with ruffles (long sleeve) and a normal white (short sleeves) now I need just a sweet hair accessiores and shoes, well schoes I get on Tuesday and the day I depart again to h&m and look whether I think as a sweet bow..  

Yes that's it for today, first ;)


See this beautiful skirt.
*want to wear*